Mini Lotto History

Mini Lotto isn't as well-known as its big brother, Polish Lotto, but it's actually been around since March 1976 under the name Express Lotek. Express Lotek has undergone a number of chances over the years. Initially, Express Lotek had just one draw per month on a Wednesday. However, in August 1976 draws began to be held once a week on Wednesday so players didn't have to wait so long for a win. In January 1995, draws every Saturday were launched. In 1998 the game took a two-year break until August 2000. In October 2008, draws increased to three times per week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In 2009, the name chance to Mini Lotto took place. In April 2014, the number of draws jumped again, to six per week - Monday to Saturday. In December 2015 the game took on its current form with draws seven days a week.

Mini Lotto is run by the Totalizator Sportowy company, which has administered all Polish lotteries since 1956, when it was founded as a state-owned entity. Lotteries have contributed more than 12 billion PLN to sport subsidies since 1994, and over 2.3 billion PLN to cultural and national heritage projects since 2003.